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Write A Love Letter ON Your Body

Have you seen the movie "What the Bleep"? There is a great scene in that movie where the body-hating star breaks through to loving her body. She starts to draw hearts and love messages all over herself and relaxes into appreciation instead of loathing.

We're taught a lot of things to do to our bodies. Work it, sculpt it, starve it, push it, train it, discipline it. Most of them are not pleasant. What about loving it? What if we treated our bodies with love and tenderness?

Okay, it sounds a little sappy, I know. But really think about the idea for a moment. WHAT IF you made a decision to treat your body with the ultimate in kindness?

How would your body feel if you...

*Fed it the best, most delicious, most nutritious foods

*Gave it just the right amounts of food to feel light and full of energy

*Pampered it with fun movement

*Let it nap or rest when it was tired

*Treated it to healing massages and long soaks in warm water

*Noticed all the wonderful, beautiful things about it and overlooked its flaws

Writing love letters all over yourself is a great way to make friends with your body. It's much harder to assault your body with overeating when you know you have "I love you," hearts, spirals, "thank you," etc. written underneath your clothes.

Adopt self-nurturing as a way of life. Your body will LOVE YOU for LOVING IT. You will naturally live at your own perfect weight without effort or strain. Treat yourself well and love your body into the peak of health

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