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TalesofEscapeactivationcode [March-2022]




it has a key in it (you might have to remove a torch).and other small objects on the ground. 2- Go into the shop and place the heavy chest on a cart. Light The Light As you head out of the hut place the large chest on the cart, now take the heavy chest and head outside and to the right, through the first door you find. 5- Go back into the hut and place the big heavy chest in the kitchen. If you have or on your person. Go into the hallway to your right. 6- Once again head into the first room to your right, this time with your light on. The first door has a key. 7- Once again go into the kitchen and place the two chests in the kitchen (the one on the right side and the one you just put into the kitchen). 8- Now put the key into the large chest, this will open the door in the kitchen.n 9- Head through the door, and you will see the exit. 1- Head outside and place the big heavy chest that is on the cart on the ground. This chest contains a key for the safe.n 2- Head through the doorway that you just placed the chest in. Now, the next room contains a torch and some boxes. Now head out the door and to your left. You will see a large safe on your right hand side. Light the torch, open the safe and search for the key to the strongbox. 4- Once you have the key place it into the strongbox and search for the second key. The key you found in the old fort is the second key for the strongbox. 5- Now you should have found two keys, but if you are confused, just go back to the hut and place the key that you found on your person in the large chest you found earlier. 6- Now place the two chests into the kitchen and place the other big heavy chest on the table. Light the torch, now head back outside and put the strongbox on the cart.n 7- Take the key that you found on your person and place it into the big strongbox, now search for the key that is on the table.n 8- Now go into the old fort. Once there, find the key that you found in the back room. Place it in the keyhole to open the door.n 9- Now you should have the four keys you needed. Take the two chests to the hut and place them in the kitchen, now open the




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TalesofEscapeactivationcode [March-2022]

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