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Ms Thomas added: “On behalf of customers I have submitted Subject Access Requests to these gambling firms to supply the customers with their account data. In this data you can see evidence of problem gambling, for example, gambling all night, on obscure sports, or using a range of payment options These are all clear instances the Gambling Commission says companies should flag. You can see breaks in play and then emails arriving in inboxes offering customers free bets.

You can see notes on customer’s accounts stating the customer hasn’t played for a while, and customer service agents discussing how they should contact the customer to play again.” 349. Michelle Singlehurst, one of our witnesses with lived experience, described her personal experiences: “One thing that horrified me was to find out that, as a vIP, which I definitely am not, they had a different system for me. I said to them, ‘Hang on a minute. You are telling me that you self-excluded me because of a concerning email I sent, or a concerning call.

Give me that information, please’. They said, ‘Sorry, we found you on a different system because you are a vIP’. …. Ladbrokes—this I find incredible, considering I have not gambled since 17 January [2019]—sent me an email on 17 March [2019] saying, ‘Hi, you’re not a vIP anymore’. … When I spoke to Coral recently, they said to me, ‘Oh, you’re level 9’. I said, ‘Sorry? I’m excluded from using’. They said, ‘No, you’re a level 9 vIP’. I do not even know what that is. Obviously, they have tiers. I have other emails that say ‘Thank you for joining us. If you carry on spending at this level, we’ll make you a vIP’.”375


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