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Do I Really need a Personal Trainer?? Top 10 reasons that make PT's ESSENTIAL!

You don't need the help and support of a Personal Trainer to make healthy lifestyle changes. The power and emphasis to do this lie with YOU. However, there is still a high proportion of the population who are inactive or not sufficiently active to improve their health. So it is evident that not everyone has the drive and motivation to make these changes themselves.

Working with a personal trainer can offer many advantages. The client who works with a personal trainer will have:

1- Immediate access to the knowledge and experience of their trainer to help set and achieve specific goals. A client can access a wealth of information online but a Personal Trainer will guide and personalize this information and avoid unhelpful or potentially dangerous advice.

2- The opportunity to have their health and fitness assessed and the information interpreted to establish goals and targets that can be reviewed and tracked over the course of the change.

3- One-to-one attention and supervision to correct and improve exercise technique and alignment and maximize performance.

- Individualised programming to meet specific needs.

4- Someone to provide honest and objective feedback on their progress.

5- Clear direction and accountability for goals.

6- Someone to provide support, encouragement, and motivation.

7- Someone who can explain exercise and lifestyle myths and offer sound guidance.

8- Someone to review and monitor progress and maintain records.

9- Someone to challenge limiting beliefs and habits that distract them from goal achievement.

10- A workout buddy!depending on the style of the trainer- you will always have someone to train with. Studies have shown that training alongside someone or in groups brings about a more successful workout.

It takes a certain type of individual to become an exceptional Personal Trainer.

Which is why at TMacLife we embody the values and attitude necessary to excel, such as:

- Honesty and integrity.

- Passion and enthusiasm.

- Creativity.

- Skilled communication.

- Going the extra mile.

- Professionalism.

- Self-worth.

- Service-oriented attitude.

Tola @TMacLife is not only a Personal Trainer but also a qualified Sports Therapist- therefore your session has a holistic approach and we are able to tailor your session to any muscular imbalances and pre-existing injuries that may be identified.

Due to the coronavirus we are now offering online sessions! The same quality service from the comfort of your home.

Simply drop us an email at : to schedule your FREE consultation phonecall!

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