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Top 3 Tips to avoid Injury

You wouldn't wait until your car packs up before you take it to be serviced, so why wait until you're injured to sort your health out?!

With the feeling of love around its very easy to forget to love yourself !

If you have no idea where to start or have maybe forgotten what to do here are 3 top tips from TMacLife that will have you staying in top shape.

1.Listen to your body:

Generally, injuries don’t just appear from nowhere – your body will have been dropping subtle hints that something isn’t quite right. They produce signals—aches, soreness, persistent pain—but it's up to you to not dismiss them and take appropriate action.

Ignoring these little aches and pains can mean that a niggle turns into something more serious and can result in a longer rest period from your sport or exercise. By catching and treating these small niggles sooner, you can try to prevent an injury occurring.

EVEN BETTER – keep on top of these niggles, aches and pains, by having regular sessions with a Sports Therapist, and using that foam roller that has been gathering dust in the corner!

2.Relax, Recover and REST!

​For our muscles and joints to get stronger, recovery is essential.

OVER TRAINING can lead to injuries that will set you back and make those targets nearly impossible to achieve.

​Make sure you take a rest day, and try to mix up your training by doing something different – known as active recovery.

For example, take a break from running by doing some strength training. Pilates is a great way to maintain and develop your core strength – which can only enhance your running/cycling/weight lifting etc.

Think about other methods to assist in your recovery - ice/heat/compression garments/sports massage

3.Know your limits : ​

Runner and sports podiatrist Stephen Pribut, D.P.M., warns runners to beware the "terrible toos"—doing too much, too soon, too fast.

This is a major cause of injuries, whether from running, lifting weights, or team sports. Trying to increase your mileage or intensity must come hand in hand with recovery, to allow the adaptations to occur – meaning you can and will get fitter and stronger.


Remember prevention is better than cure! Dont wait before it's too late to do something about your health.

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