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4 foods that Females Must Eat to Stay Healthy

Men, women, and children all need to be healthy to enjoy this life to the fullest. It’s amazing how we can spend so much on quality food and still be nutritionally deficient.

Yes, especially women lack in a number of nutritional areas. This may be attributed partially to the fact that women tend to not pay attention to what they are eating and can drastically change their intake in their dream to lose weight, and partially to their increased needs. This is why tiredness, skin problems, gut upsets, joint pain and general body weakness are all frequent complaints of the female gender.

Sadly, the age at which this problem starts is moving towards the younger generation. Girls as young as 18 or 19 are complaining of backaches and tiredness. So, what can you do?

How can you change yourself to be more energetic? Well, the answer lies in your diet. You need to change it gain the essentials that your body need stop stay healthy and active. Here we describe four foods that you should include in your diet in order to stay on top of your forms at all times.


You may get your hands-on fiber by eating the usual fruits and vegetables, but getting your hands on necessary vitamins like folate and vitamin K can be hard. Broccoli provides these vitamins along with the vitamins C and A as well to give you an all-around benefit. All these vitamins are necessary for the unhindered working of your body's enzymes. They play a role in clotting, building and maintaining the skin and membranes, vision and a number of other functions. Broccoli is also loaded with iron, magnesium, phosphorous and other minerals to help furnish all your micro-nutrient needs.

Women due to their constant loss of blood and to help with their pregnancies can gain lots of nutritious substances from this one vegetable.


Onion, although commonly seen in our salads is a much-avoided vegetable. However, it harbors a number of nutrients, including vitamin C, dietary fiber, folate, chromium, and manganese. The vegetable has a blood thinning effect and also provides antibacterial, anti-inflammatory actions. All these are great for women’s health and are even beneficial for men as well. All those joint pains that you have may be treated by eating this nutritious vegetable regularly.

Leafy greens

Women are often deficient in hemoglobin and are anemic, thanks to monthly menstrual cycles and pregnancy. On top of this, their diet the necessary constituents required to make blood. Leafy greens can help you here. They are loaded with iron and vitamin K that helps your blood and gives you that refreshing blush that you always wanted. Hence, eating greens will not only benefit your health but will also help you beautify as well.


Women, especially pregnant ladies need to take care of the protein content of their food. There are certain amino acids that our body cannot make and without dietary help, our body won’t be able to form any proteins at all. This leads to general body weakness and fatigue. Eating sufficient proteins, help in the repair process and helps you stay fit in many respects. Even exercise without proteins will only make you tired. In order to gain the full benefits, you need to have a source to repair the regular damages and build your muscle mass. Great Protein sources include: pulses,quinoa, eggs, almonds and chicken breast.

A person’s diet can vary enormously, however, women need to realize the importance of including the important nutrients in their diet. Yes, going down on calories is a vital part of staying thin, but at the same time, so is consuming all the necessary vitamins and minerals that our body needs. All these foods are extremely rich in a number of vital nutrients and can boost your health. The trick is to be vigilant and include them on your table regularly. You will feel the benefit, yourself!

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